Aled Carey’s Six Balls Six Wicket

Aled Carey’s Six Balls Six Wicket:

Aled Carey's Six Balls Six Wicket

For any bowler this was a dream spell. An Australian cricketer has done the ‘almost impossible’ — taken six wickets in six deliveries! This is not something you see every day in the gentleman’s sport, in any of the three formats of the game.
A report says that the 29-year-old Australian bowler Aled Carey who is playing for Golden Point against East Ballarat, in a Ballarat Cricket Association fourth-team fixture bowled the incredible over. The Aussie had previously bowled eight overs without taking a single wicket and the captain handed him over the ball to bowl the ninth over. And that’s when the magic happened.
Hegot the batsman for a catch to the first slipon the very first delivery, while the second delivery also dismissed the batsman when he was caught behind by the wicket-keeper. The third victim was dismissed leg-before-wicket which let Carey celebrate his hat-trick.

Aled Carey's Six Balls Six Wicket
The hat-trick celebrations was hardly ended when Aled went on to clean bowl his next batsman.In the remaining two deliveriesthe same feat occurred, finishing the over with no runs scored, six wickets fallen and two hat-tricks taken. All in a single over!
Aled Carey said “I’ve been pretty close to a hat-trick for a couple of times, probably three or four times in my life, but I’ve never been lucky enough to get that third one.”

Aled Carey's Six Balls Six Wicket
“Even still now ‘I’m in a bit of shock. It’s something you don’t see very often and I think this was just my lucky day. I don’t think I’ll ever do it again,” he added.